If a child has a musical instrument in their hands, they will never have space for a weapon in their hands


The initiative will support children and young people who demonstrate musical skills, but who do not have the financial means to perfect their instrument or discipline, or who for geographical reasons cannot access musical education opportunities.

“We are living in difficult times for humanity and for the planet as a whole. Today, more than ever, we must know how to appreciate what is important for our survival and for the formation of new generations. “This Alliance of Our Foundation With Our Sponsors Intends to Be a Contribution to Encourage and Promote Artistic Education, Since We Know That Music is Fundamental to the Comprehensive Development of Children and Young People”

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Donation for children

“We hope that girls, boys and young musicians participate, as this is an excellent opportunity to deepen what they have already learned and continue working to enhance their talent.”


Allan Moreno originally from Chihuahua, Chihuahua.

He studied at the Conservatory of Music in that same Mexican state. From the age of 15 he was interested and passionate about music.



— Scholarship to a Child

You can give a child a scholarship to train in music! Contact us to find out how you can do it. Developing talent through Allan Moreno’s Mis Raíces Foundation.


— Collaborators

Collaborators We thank the entire artistic community that has joined the Academia Mexicana Mis Raíces project, contributing their.
Let’s continue joining efforts for a happier youth!
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Impact Stories

When I discovered the magic of music.

“I learned to play guitar and express my emotions through notes. Music became my refuge, my therapy. It helped me find my voice and overcome my fears. Now, music is my constant companion and brings me joy. Thanks to her and the Academy I found a purpose in life and I know that I will always be able to find comfort in melodies. Music saved me and gave me a new reason to smile.”

It was difficult for me to find my place in the world.

“Thanks to the Mis Raices academy I discovered the power of singing along with other children. Music allowed me to express myself and connect with others in a unique way. Thank you to music, I found a community of incredible people and discovered my passion for singing. Music has given me a voice and shown me that I am valuable just the way I am. I am eternally grateful for the impact music has had on my life .”


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